Talking Sporty

by Times Neue Roman

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Live from “The End” – the band’s Kensington Market (Toronto) basement studio – Times Neue Roman rock with a general tone and attitude of teenage immortality. Comprised of an award winning poet, Arowbe Arowbe Arowbe (Robert Bolton) and composer, Alexander The, TNR’s peerless ‘one of one’ sound has been called “nintendo-punk-rap,” and “post-rap” (although the band prefers “Rap Deco”) by media and supporters.

Since debuting at the Vancouver Art Gallery in 2008, Times Neue Roman have been rousing crowds at basement jams, rooftops,
auto-garages, house parties, shitty pubs, glitzy clubs, CMW, NXNE, the Juno Fest and out the back of a U-HAUL truck. They flaunt a live show complete with wild theatrics, reckless moshing, tribal percussion, live visuals and all of the bangers their fans are used
to getting loose to.

Times Neue Roman‘s new video, “Best est. 2019” splices performance footage with
Coney Island Carnival relics. The nature of a Times Neue Roman show makes it difficult to tell which footage is which.

July 6, 2010— Times Neue Roman release Talking Sporty on YYZ Records, with promotional support from Pabst Blue Ribbon, and a coinciding vinyl release with Art Metropole. TalkingSporty features the singles “Best Est. 2019” (featured on MTV, video onMuch Music, placed on an episode of CSI, and currently tracking daily on CBC Radio 3), “Roq Roq” (featured in EA Sports’ Fight Night Round 4 video game and 30,000+ views on Youtube) and “Hands, No Hands.”


To say this is "hipster hip-hop" would be dismissing Times Neue Roman's ability to transcend a trend. Instead, Talking Sporty is what new rap can do when it tries

Smart enough to make you think, and stupid enough to make you dance.
-NOW Magazine

"...lo-fi phenom, drawing devoted audiences with their catchy-as-hell amalgam of pop, hip-hop, new-wave and soul"
-Eye Weekly

"Times Neue Roman... need to be checked out by you immediately!"
-CBC's The Hour

"if you go to this show, you will get sweaty and ridiculous and miss class on Friday morning"
-The Montreal Mirror

"A carnal experience. Their songs are aggressive wit, subtly esoteric, a quiet poet with a punk edge."
- Sound Pollution

"Articulate, clever, and delivered with exact rhythm and crystal clarity. With Mellow rhythms and cool composure, Times Neue Roman have a solid identity around which they are steadily building fans. The download and shuffle age is for musical omnivores. Genres are for grandmas."
- Chart Attack

"Arowbe steps forward with locomotive cadence and clever rhyme patterns, while producer Alexander The (of Styrofoam Ones fame) lays down blip-heavy, slightly-alienating nostalgia."
- Format Magazine

This is a wicked romp that’s enough to fire-up the most complacent of musical souls. Fun, energetic, inventive stuff that gets ya’ movin."
- The Lonely Vagabond (exclaim!)

"The band is even better than the font"
- North by East West


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Fontana North


released July 6, 2010

YYZ Records


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Track Name: Roq Roq
look at the way that I rock it man
I do it so nice
I do it all day
I do it all night.

look at the way
look at the way
Look at the way that I rock rock
look at the way that I rock rock

what is a twerkelator like you, doing with a perpetrator like him
I can murderate it like this, I’m reverberating right bitch
you got that purple haze, I got that Jose Cuervo
I got these words for days, I hit them with the verbal
they hit me with oral, I think I’m pretty spoiled
I say lets run this, I haven’t done this in a little while
I would try to be nice, she prefer when I’m mean

im the most arrogant person that you ever seen
some people sleep on me. because I am the dream.
my name is A.R. this is my friend J.R.
objective is to get you wet sweating on dancefloor.
what would we be good for if not given you what you came for?
given you what you came for given you what you came for
what would we be good for if not given you. what you came for.
given you what you came for. given you what you came for.

(repeat chorus)


(repeat chorus)

look at the way
look at the way
look at the way I do my thing


Look at the way that I rock it, I got the game in my pocket, I got the bangers that’s popping, I make it bump like a pothole. I prolly came with a model. I talk with slang and bravado. I drink my drank out the bottle. because thass how I preferrr

look at the way that I rock it, this style is called my staccato, you prolly will wanna mock it, you tell that I’m on some don shit, you are not even a capo, nah you are softer than tacos, and we are hotter than charcoals at least that’s what I infer

look at the way I rock it, I look at the world through goggles, I cook up the track up with my goons, when I pump the beat it babooms, you jump up and down like baboons, it is hot molten what I do, lampin’ to the sounds of Rob Bolton is tricky with the words

look at the way I rock it, I twist it, pull it and bop it, or chop it, twist it and pull it. that piff, that kush, that that ghanja, got so much dough in the wallet, it prolly could stop a bullet. I prolly could start a riot you cant stop me, I own it cuz it my (verse)

(repeat chorus)
Track Name: Best est. 2019
its all about inside

head down
head down
head down the last lane

jiminy cricket, fixed up your sins its
read in the scriptures, its just the mixture
getting the sickness, lets get addicted
if you don’t make a difference then you just a statistic
is it
just a little piece of the puzzle
are they going to leave me in the puddle, trying tospeak with a muzzle
when I’m all lost up in the riddle, twisted up in a ruddle
Feel like I’m waving in the middle and I’m making a muddle
I just be living to the fiddle, but im feeling befuddled
when all the poets got belittled, I completed the puzzle
you turn to when god don’t answer?
if you ask your pastor maybe that’s you cancer
never let me be a lemming, I act as master
and listen to the drunken wise-men banter
my purpose on this earth is just the service of converting these words
from gods to verse
all that I can speak is in your soul but you wont know until you’ve heard
from thoughts dispersed
I’m Tennyson of our tennis party by the shrubs that line the crown
they’ll call this sound the bohemian crunk, compare us to the knights of round.
then sell my splendors, to every vendors, and spread our song throughout.
on sixteen camels, that inch through chasms, vallies, fields and moats.

shoulders up
throwing up
underwater callling all aboard the fast train

hes randomly babbling, contact the family
that be the cavalry, thank the academy
tapping these melodies, channeling energy
sample me happily, man this the glamour vie
all the amenities. cancel that vanity
gambling everything, damn all thee –odds
I will get lost in the camofleeeeee-ajj
y’all can be soft, I’m a get offfff
got my kicks, did my thing, talk my shit
got my kicks did my thing, talk my shit
got my kicks, did my thing, talk my shit
talk my shit, talk my shit, talk my shit

for I’m the owner of the sphere
of seven stars and solar year
caesar’s hand, and plato’s brain
of buddhas heart and shakespeare’s strain
achilles heal will not be healed
and everybody jumped in the river styx
had a big poolparty, with lots of cocaine
and this is not a myth. somebody


sharpen your pencils straighten your ties, shine your shoes, button your flies, brush your teeth, comb your hair, sweep the floor, eat blueberry pies
eat blueberry spies is good

do you see what I mean? my lion is fed and I sleep at his side.
yak yak yak darts well that was quite nice now sing that part. alright
don’t be a sucker all your life, dummy up ya dope, dummy up

you can’t fall off mountains fool!
Track Name: Music and Math
music and math
music and math
music and math

music and math, only thing that I can count on
good pussy only thing that I can pounce on
this a love song, you could call it that
it’s tradition, and I’m a part of that
this my thinking cap, and this my party hat
am I rocking this, or am I rocking at
this my drinking shirt, this my dress shirt
what do you like better, what’s fresher
I like this one, more special
I like that one, whatever
I could wear that, but the problem is
little stain, and what if someone notices
I could wear this, but the problem is I
wore it last week-and, what if someone notices
I thought this was going to be a love song
it was going to be, but now its not one
but I got to let it go, where it want to go
not my place, to make it stay home
never thinking of the many only of the few,
rap and the beat, going do what they-do
that’s true. it flows simple
that don’t really make it bad or anything though
that don’t really make it good vice versa
but I think it made a pretty nice verse still

its alright

this hardcore
this hardcore

this hard core. not really though
it is real though right? I don’t really know
I don’t really think about that a whole lot
doesn’t really matter though because the flow hot
problem is that people always want to
label you, make you something you not.
my problem is that I don’t really care bout
you, I’m doing what I want
and that’s not one thing…
that’s so many things
im human.
and im pissed
im threw man
and now this
interview is over.
red rover, range rover
king cobra g.i. joe
what I be about is none of your b.i. ho
I went from b dot, the c dot to t dot oh.
with the key that could unlock the d. o. o.
gotta female, to meet up, indeed I know
bonita bonita bonita
“hey bonita nice to meet ya”
hey fuck you, you’re not kanye..
you not allowed to go and do that all day
and fuck you. you’re not my real mom
I don’t have to listen to you. na na
booboo, who do. you think you are
my noodle is stupid I do what I want.
consuming the fume of the blueberry yum
im new with the music, but move to the front
the groove that I do is influencing you
booming and booming and booming your truck
Track Name: Dear Lucille, Talksoon Aiden
Dear Lucille,

Just got back Toronto. Sorry I missed you. Trip jumped a little bit mean and reckless, body full vodka, hole in my pocket. Weekend was nauseous. Grey Goose and nothing less for the young boys. I got bossy on Friday, 126 ave, I was tossing bottles on Broadway unlawful. unthoughtful In Harlem, right by Clinton’s office, “I’m here, I’m there, I’m everywhere!” like New Jack City Kerouackies, indy band gritty with Rap City addictions. In the outskirts, we recited poems and exerts from Dip-Set interviews like experts. We ended up on an uptown rooftop philosophizing over falafels listening to EJ whine about the all the awful squares in law school. Spilling beer droplets filled my waffle shirt like maple syrup, then he asked me if I was good and I answered, “Nope!” Of course 9-11 just went, so its Kanye vs Fifty. Somewhere in the madness, I freed my self of my cell phone which didn’t matter much but for Cindy from Ghana. Got her number on campus, Monday at breakfast and I hadn’t got to call yet, now I’ll have to find her on Facebook. She’s from Glendon.

Next night got off to a goonish start too as we drank at the Bitter End in the Village. Dylan played there. I met a stunning young starlet with a moleskine bulge in her back pocket. She was a girl named Tao with a Virgin Mary cowgirl tattoo like PJ Harvey. We spent the night on Mike’s floor and she kept kissing my shoulder and asking me to cum on her tummy. I swear this hangover excels my sense of nostalgia because I remember last night like it happened four years ago. Its weird to think, you know

this was somebody’s daughter before I got her
chopped her, screwed her, took her to Houston
metaphorically speaking
she was my girl for the weekend
went deep in – the entrails
French nails just cheapen the overall appearance
don’t you think, just my opinion

but here I am?

in the midst of this culture of ignorance idolized: “I don’t care about shit: Not the god you worship or my job at American Apparel.” That’s courage! Im Confident in my awkwardness. a Connoisseur of crud culture, ultra skinny jeans, art shows at clothing stores. Flash mob mass jingo. Mash French disco, gangster rap singles. Bad meaning bad, not bad meaning good. Wearing flags on our faces with no thoughts of cowboys, pirates, gang members or Zapatistas. Tired. Hiding in self-conscious irony. let loose. Refuge> A fearless refusal of anything serious.
You know what year it is,

While you whine and cry and blog and die with those same old lame cold feigned ideals. Its 2008, I’m keeping this shit surreal.

But look, what I wanted to tell you was I’m not such a bad guy. I mean I am pro-choice. I’m glad my mother didn’t have an abortion. but no one can make that decision for you. You shouldn’t a been afraid to tell me about that child inside of you… I would’ve supported her. My parents were separated before my birth and I turned out okay, right?

You see darling, I’m not the worst kind of asshole, I might wear my baseball cap indoors. I only wear my white tees once. stunner shades at night? Of course. But I would never drive a drop-top in the winter with the heat on. Shit. I don’t even litter.

So, my brain is soft and my stomach is rugged, but I’m still in such a great groove lately. I meditate often and nothing seems to bother me. I hope, although I’m confident that you’re doing well. Know you had a busy weekend, still wish we could have linked. By the way, Logan asked me to tell you that you’re sorely missed. I’m trying to get back to your city by December, so plan on seeing me then for sure.

Talk soon,


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